Please enjoy these Fredisms collected by the Tecma staff and add your own German accent

“They’re on Cloud 7.”

“You can pick it up at the Price is Right” (Rite-Aid)

Talking about SMUD: “They led us around by the shoestring.”

“Be careful, I think she’s shitzofrinik”

“I hope you don’t have Corporal Tunnel Syndrome”

“We have to get this done because they’re on our seat.”

“We shouldn’t swallow that line, sinker, and hook.”

Talking about playing Racquetball: “I play to keep my old bones brittle.”

“We’re keeping the fort alive.”

“Then ve’re barking up the wrong horse.”

“Vhy are you chewing me down?”

Talking to Sonia and Jenny (office staff): “I never saw more incomepoop people den you guys.”

“A sparrow in da hand is better than two in da head.”

“She’s running around like a chick with a hat on.”

Hanging up from a conference call: “10-5”

“They cannot jump over their shadow.”

“Build a better mouse trap, and the world will eat it up.”

“That’s why we give you the horse’s mouth.”

“They had a box of JFK (Bucket of KFC) and she was eating and talking, waving her frog legs around.”

“Zey vill hear it from da horse’s ass!”

“I don’t want to go over there and put more fleas in their ear.”

“The pudding vill be in the proof now.”

”What can I not do for you?”

“We need to work or diddie off.”

“Dat thing will shrink like butter.”

“Mixing arms with all the rich people and the wine flew out of our ears.”

“I wanted to save some time but that might be frugal.”

“We have to check that with a fined combed tooth.”

“Maybe we can dissolve this tomorrow.”

“If you think I’m such a sheepskin then make it 22 hours!”

“You got me at a disadventure this morning.”

“Now come on, we can’t compare apples to fruit.”

“Boy, dat guy is overjealous.”

“I’ll make a short story long…”

Ordering commercial material: “And now it comes back to hound me.”

“It deserves you right.”

When someone asks him how he is doing: “Oh you know, same old shit, same old day.”

“Keep your thumbs twisted that the Chrysler stock will go up.”

“We’re really off the latch!”

“He’ll be internally thankful.”

“You know how he is, he talks around the bush.”

“Oouch, I just hit my music bone!”

“I’m up in alligators.”

“I will not ask without renumeration.”

“Would you do that ASPA?”

“Let gone bys be gone by.”

“I be darned, I can’t get it to work.”

“I’m leaving now, I will take some gas and I’ll be right in.”

(Asked if Tecma could publish news that they made ICBM nose tips)
“I don’t think so. Nobody ever told us to clean our heads out.”

“Do they know each other?” “They may have crossed feet.” (paths)

“You can pick it up at the Price is Right” (Rite-Aid)



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